Abdul Sattar Murad Minister of Economy met Major General Paul W.Brier

Abdul Sattar Murad Minister of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met Major General Paul W.Brier Deputy Commander Civil Outreach, on Saturday, August 13th.

Abdul Sattar Murad, Minister of Economy warmly received Major General Paul W.Brier in Sapidar Palace.

At the outset Mr. Murad briefly described the overall role and tasks of Ministry of Economy. He talked about some of the Infrastructural projects and its importance for the development of the country. MoEc is committed to align the expenses of NGO's according to economic national priorities of the government.
Moreover, he also touched on the security issue as barrier for implementing and overseeing of the development projects in certain insecure remote districts of some the provinces in the country. Mr. Paul W.Barier point out that NATO will be working very closely with Afghanistan Government for the development and securing the country.