H.E Mustafa Mastoor, Acting Minister of Economy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan participate in the OECD Eurasia Week in Kazakhstan.

Minister Mustoor took part in the Ministerial panel this morning and delivered his statement on the theme “ Openness for shared prosperity” in Almaty Kazakhstan along with other Ministers from the OECD Eurasia countries. Minister Mastoor highlighted some of the key reforms, initiatives taken, and the strong political will of National Unity Government (NUG) for private sector development. Excellency Minister also welcomed the OECD project for Afghanistan to be commenced this year which will focus on supporting private sector and entrepreneurship aiming to compliment the Government’s existing efforts to stimulate growth and create jobs. The project will try to harness competitiveness of the private sector, boost SMEs capacity and will serve as one of the key policy documents for joint Government and Private sector development in the country.