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Biography of Ahmad Jawad Osmani, Deputy Minister of Economy, Afghanistan

Ahmad Jawad Osmani serves as the deputy minister for admin and finance at the ministry of economy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan since September 23, 2016. He previously served as the deputy minister of admin and finance at the ministry of public (MoPH) health of Afghanistan.

Dr. Osmani accomplished his studies at the medical schools of Kabul and Balkh as an honored student. Later on, he worked with national and international organizations involved in the health sector of Afghanistan. Dr. Osmani has gained extensive work experience in policy and institution building. To sharpen his skills and institutional knowledge, Dr. Osmani was awarded a two-year full tuition Fulbright competitive scholarship to pursue his graduate studies in International health   policy   and   Management at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, USA. Returning to Afghanistan with an unrelenting commitment in 2011, he leaded different positions including international relation and policy directorates at the central MoPH prior his appointment as the deputy minister of admin and finance at the MoPH by Afghan government. It is worth to mention that Dr. Osmani has consistently focused on organizational and institutional capacity building of the relevant ministries during his mission. For instance, he undertook several initiatives to reform and even transform the administrative and financial systems, processes and   procedures at the MoPH that were old-fashioned and unresponsive, inefficient and bureaucratic   and vulnerable to corruption. Furthermore, he proposed Afghanistan Hospital Transformation Program to bring foundational changes within the hospital systems in Afghanistan.

Given the conflict stricken and human resource constrained nature of the country; Dr. Osmani has been passionate to continue his studies besides working to serve his country in a better way. Currently, he is perusing his post-graduate studies in Public Policy and Management

at the University of London through a flexible learning mechanism. Dr.  Osmani has lived in Balkh and Kabul provinces. He is married and has four children.