The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 10 Years Report Task Force is a working group established from 18 Afghan government ministries and agencies and 14 United Nations agencies. Without the direct and/or indirect contribution of the Task Force members, this report could not have been completed.

The people who have contributed in the preparation and analysis of this report are gratefully appreciated, in alphabetical order: The Ministry of Economy’s MDGs team led by Mohammad Ismail Rahimi, General Directorate of Policy and Result-Based Monitoring, and his team, Ahmad Shakil Hazem, Acting Director of Economic Policy, and Khan Mohammad Alamyar, Sr. Poverty Analyst, as well as Jubair Ahmad Musazy and Fazelhaq, national technical consultants.

Many thanks to the MDGs Task Force for their enormous effort in providing data, preliminary analysis of the indicators and goals from the ministries: Dr Atiqullah Zaki and Abdul Hamid from the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock; Monyma Mansor and Mohammad Aman Omed from the Independent Election Commission; Abdul Salam from the Ministry of Interior Affairs; Abdulsami Saliamanzada and Ahmad Zamir Ghowar from the Ministry of Education; Atiqullah Maken and Gul Ghotay Azimin from the Ministry of Women’s Affairs; Dr Abdul Qadir Qadir and Dr Abrahemi from the Ministry of Public Health; Abdul Haseeb Arya from the National Environmental Protection Agency; Dr Osman Frotan and Wais Karimi from the Ministry of Counter Narcotics; and Hamid Akbar from the Ministry of Finance.

Also special thanks to UNFPA Country Representative Dr Annette Sachs Robertson and Dr Wilfred Ochan, UNFPA Deputy Country Representative and their team: Abdul Hares Halimi and Dr Khalid Sharifi, who provided meaningful technical and financial support and led all United Nations agencies in contributing to the report.

Exceptional appreciation is extended to our MDGs Task Force representation from the United Nations: UNDP, UN Women, UNHCR, UN-HABITAT, WFP, FAO, UNICEF, UNEP, UNCCC, UNODC, UNMAS and WHO as well as MACCA, which participated in each of the meetings organized by the Ministry of Economy for producing A Decade of Opportunities. Our joint work with United Nations agencies provided us this opportunity to establish a strong working network and produce more qualitative reports in the future.

Finally, we want to thank all those who either directly or indirectly contributed to the enrichment of A Decade of Opportunities. We apologize in advance for anyone’s name we overlooked for their considerable contribution to this report.

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