Dr. Mustafa Mastoor, Minister of Economy met with World Bank’s vice president for South Asia region

Thu, May 23 2019 9:50 AM

Dr. Mustafa Mastoor, Minister of Economy met with Mr. Hartwig Schafer, the world bank vice president for South Asia region and Ms. Nena Stoiljkovic, the IFC vice president for Asia and Pacific in Kabul and discussed the macroeconomic outlook of and policy of Afghanistan.
At the beginning, the minister of economy thanked the world bank and IFC for their support and briefed about the current macroeconomic condition of Afghanistan and the ministry of economy’s new programs and plans for improving the macroeconomic indicators, such as growth, poverty reduction, employment opportunities, and private sector development.
The minister of economy stressed domestic production improvement, poverty reduction, and employment opportunities through private sector investment.
Subsequently, World Bank vice president Mr. Schafer appreciated the ministry's initiatives and programs to improve the economic situation in Afghanistan and pledged the financial and technical support of world bank for the new initiatives of the ministry of economy. 
The private sector development and creating new investment opportunities especially in the energy sector is our top priority and we are committed to taking part in new investments in different sectors, said the IFC vice president for Asia.

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