report on (2020) of the year ′′ against my demands ′′

Wed, Jul 01 2020 12:06 PM

The 1399th solar year (9) report on (2020) of the year ′′ against my demands ′′ under the headline of most of the violence against women in the world, Pre-time marriage and sons be careful to give your families value. Dr. Mustafa Mastoor's speech was published (online).

In the report meeting, Mr. Zhi Hyong Ri, the representative of the United Nations in Afghanistan, Dr. Sima Samar, the minister of the government in human rights and international relations, Mr. Zhi Hyong Ri, the representative of the country of Korea, Mr. Bian Anderson Asia. And the head of the United Nations Fund to the peace sea, the deputy of the Ministry of Women's Affairs, Mr. Kofi Kuma, the leader of the International Organization, and some other family and foreign speakers.

The Minister of Economy of the country, Mr. Mustafa Mastoor, thanked the United Nations Fund for publishing the report in one part of his opening speech and added that," 28 % of girls in Afghanistan. 18 years old and (4 %) percent of girls get married from (15) years old. So especially in the country's distant areas, it is necessary to reduce the damage of this cortex to, economic strength, high level education, and to build awareness program for women and girls."

Added this: Reading moms and dads especially mothers can be effective in reducing any kind of violence against girls. So in this part you need to have a lot of investments.

He has called a number of problems in the domestic economic situation especially in rural areas, which is the cause of not having women's job in Afghanistan, also the cause of domestic violence against girls and women.

Now there are only (25 %) % job women who are ready and equal age for jobs; but have no benefit and job (7.5 %) percent (79 %) 7.5 Millions are women.

That this situation can have a fundamental role in increasing violence and inequality.

Finally the meeting ended with Mr. Mastor's speech and she called for an investment in all kinds of violence reduction foundation against girls, especially for mothers economic and education.

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