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Alhaj Qari Deen Mohammad Hanif

Acting Minister of Economy

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Al-Hajj Qari Deen Muhammad "Hanif", the son of the late Qari Mohammad Nazir, was born in 1342 AH in the village of Sepian Arzanchi, Yaftal-Sofla District of Badakhshan Province. When he was 15, he finished memorizing the Holy Quran and started elementary lessons with his respected parents. He was studying and learning science when the infamous Haft Thor coup took place.

With the coming to power of the communists and the beginning of jihad and national armed uprising against this sinister phenomenon, religious schools and educational centres were closed by the communists, destroyed or made vulnerable by the wars. Finally, in 1364 AH, he travelled to the neighbouring country of Pakistan and continued his studies there in various schools of the border state (Khyber Pashtun Khwa).

He completed advanced sciences and techniques and it was during his graduation time that the Taliban Islamic Movement emerged for the security of the country. Qari Din Muhammad "Hanif" also joined this convoy along with hundreds of students from Badakhshan province. After the conquest of Kabul until the end of the official rule of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, at first, he served as the minister of planning, then as acting minister of higher education.

After the occupation of the country and the resumption of jihad against the invaders in 2003, he was also responsible for the jihad of Badakhshan Province. In 2004, he was appointed as a member of the political commission, then a member of the Qatar office and the negotiating team with the Americans and the Afghan side.

Qari Deen Mohammad "Hanif" is currently the Acting Minister of Economy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.