A meeting chaired by Dr. Karima Hamed Faryabi with local officials and craftsmen of Paktia province was held

شنبه ۱۴۰۰/۱/۷ - ۸:۵۱

Today after noon, a meeting with the leadership of Dr. Karima Hamid Faryabi and the Deputy of the Ministry of Finance and Administrative, Mohammad Tahir Roozi, the officials of the Equation and Industry Chamber and the local officials of Paktia province. Discussions were discussed about the economic situation of Paktia province and the activities of the organizations in the province, also development projects and program implementation.

At the beginning of the meeting, Bahram Baheer, the head of economy of Paktia province, gave information about the economic situation of Paktia province and expressed his assurance for the speed of economic affairs in the province and the recognition of available capacities.

Along with this, the executive director of Afghanistan's Equations and Industries Chamber, Jalalzai, the director of the Industrial Chamber of Paktia province, and the deputy of the Industrial Chamber of Kabul province, Zarif Gul Zadran spoke separately about the available opportunities and economic in Paktia province. They provided information about the sources.

They informed the construction of over 100 factories and over 70 factories in Paktia province and asked the government to provide these factories with financial and energy resources.

Also, the head of the Ministry of Economy, Mohammad Tahir Roozi, the head of the Finance and Administrative Deputy of the Ministry of Economy, in this meeting, by reminding the value of industries, and the value of economic growth, through the local resources of local work forces. Emphasized on effective use of it.

After listening to the discussions and suggestions of the participants in the meeting, the Minister of Economy in Paktia province, along with recalling the available economic resources; the importance of these resources, especially the ports of Paktia province, and the geographical location of the province in economic growth. Impressive role has.

Dr. Faryabi emphasized that he will try hard to implement projects in accordance with people's priorities and demands. Paktia province will use the resources effectively. And the problems and challenges of the industrial workers of this province will be reached. And he took it as the government's promise.

The Minister of Economy assured the government's commitment to make better use of the resources and economic opportunities available in Paktia province.

Saturday, 7th of 1400:

After today's brunch in a meeting chaired by Dr. Karima Hamid Faryabi, the Minister of Economy, with the presence of Mohammad Tahir Rosie, the head of the Financial and Administrative Appointment of the Ministry of Economy, the officials of the Chamber of Industries and Mines, local officials and industrial workers of Paktia province. The activities of institutions and challenges and problems of the escape of economic programs and projects in this province were discussed and shared.

In the first place, Bahram Bahir, the head of economy of Paktia province, while providing information about the economic situation of Paktia province, assured the Minister of Economy to accelerate economic work and identifying the economic cap

Alongside this Rahimullah Samaran, the executive head of the Afghan Chamber of Industries and Mines, Jalalzai, the head of the Paktia Province Industries Chamber of Industries and Haji Zarif Gul Zadran, the deputy of Kabul province, spoke separately about the economic

They announced the creation of 100 factories and practical activities of about 70 factories in Paktia province. They called for the government to provide financial and energy resources to this factory.

Similarly, Mohammad Zahir Rosie, the head of the Financial and Administrative Deputy of the Ministry of Economy, emphasized in this meeting, referring to the importance and role of industries in the country's economic growth in the effective use of local resources using local forces to strengthen

However, the Minister of Economy, after listening to the talks and suggestions of those present in the meeting, reminding of the economic resources available in Paktia province, called the role of these resources, especially in Paktia province and the geographic of this province, important and valuable for economic growth.

Dr. Faryabi emphasized that efforts to adapt projects based on the priorities and needs of the people, pledged the attention of the government's leadership to effectively use the resources of Paktia province and to address the challenges of the escape of industrialists.


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پلان انکشافی ولایتی (۱۴۰۱) پکتیا از طریق کمیته (PDC) نهایی شد.

وزارت اقتصاد_افغانستان: جلسه انکشافی ولایتی، تحت ریاست عبدالولی سهی معاون مقام ولایت پکتیا، با اشتراک مسئولان واحدهای دومی و موسسات مقیم پکتیا، در تالار جلسات مقام ولایت دایر شد.

در. . .

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جلسه‌ی هماهنگی و پیگیری فعالیت های مشترک وزارت اقتصاد و اداره انکشافی سازمان ملل متحد مقیم کابل به شیوه غیر حضوری، تدویر یافت.

در نخست دوکتور فاریابی وزیر اقتصاد کشور، دیدگاه و توقع حکومت افغانستان پیرامون فعالیت‌های مرتبط به اهداف انکشاف پایدار را با هیئت رهبری اداره انکشافی سازمان ملل متحد (UNDP) بیان داشت و. . .

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جلسه‌ی کمیته‌ی انکشافی ولایتی در بادغیس تدویر یافت.

وزارت اقتصاد _ افغانستان: جلسه‌ی کمیته انکشافی ولایتی/ (PDC) تحت ریاست زرغونه شیرزاد معاون امور اجتماعی و اقتصادی مقام ولایت بادغیس با سکرتریت ریاست اقتصاد و اشتراک روئسای ادارات دولتی. . .